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About Us

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We are the Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society (PFK) and we exist to restore and protect the natural environment of Kaipātiki by working with the community.

Our vision

is to create a world where birds and other native wildlife flourish, and everyone works together to support our natural heritage.

We are guided

by a strategic plan that sets out our current priorities to ensure that what we do is making a difference and is helping to achieve our vision.

Our team

includes a committed board, our employees and a fantastic network of volunteers who all work together to help keep Kaipātiki pest free and beautiful.

We are supported

by an amazing group of organisations and individuals whose contributions allow our organisation to flourish and our vision to be realised.

We work

with many people in the community and are always looking for enthusiastic people who share our vision to join us on our journey.

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