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Protecting Our Taonga

Together we can restore, support and protect
our native species and habitats - our natural taonga -
and preserve our reserves.

There are four main ways we can support native ecosystems and species, and allow them to thrive despite the challenges caused by pest introductions, diseases and habitat destruction. 

Pest Free Kaipātiki is just one part of a huge community environmental effort in our area – visit our Community Resources page to find out more about the other initiatives you can be part of.


Create Healthy Spaces

where native plants thrive and are free from pest plants that destroy ecosystems, and where our streams and waterways are maintained and improved.


Create Connected Spaces

where native environments are restored through planting and our kauri are protected.


Create Safe Spaces

where native animals are safe from predators.


Create Responsible Behaviour

that prevents diseases like myrtle rust or kauri dieback from spreading.

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