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Become a PFK Member

There are different membership options when getting involved with PFK and we have outlined these below. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions on membership or to discuss the best option for you.

Friend of PFK

If you would like to attend our events, volunteer with us, donate to the work we do or receive our communications, we consider you a valued Friend of PFK and a vital part of making an environmental difference in Kaipātiki. Complete our online form to receive our communications and be kept up to date with upcoming events and the latest news.


Become a PFK Society Member
Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society is an Incorporated Society and as such you can become a Member of Pest Free Kaipātiki.  A PFK Society Member can be involved in all the various ways a Friend of PFK can but, in addition, a Society Member has voting rights at Society meetings and may stand for the PFK Board and have input into the governance of the organisation.


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Difference between Friend of PFK and Member - chart.png

Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

Question: I want to join as a Member of PFK, how do I do this?
Answer: You simply need to complete our online form
and deposit the membership fee into our account (12-3035-0042001-000) with your surname and ‘membership’ as the reference. Any issues at all, you can email us.

Question: I am part of a reserve group, can the group join as a Member of PFK? 
Answer: Under the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 members can only be ‘natural persons’ or a ‘body corporate’. Therefore there will no longer be organisational membership. This however doesn’t exclude members of volunteer groups joining as individuals.

Question: Why are you now charging a membership fee to join as a Member of PFK?
Answer: In line with what other similar organisations do, our Board felt it appropriate to charge a nominal membership fee to cover the costs involved with administering this membership and a recognition of support of the organisation.

Question: I’ve been volunteering with PFK for a long time, I thought I was already a member, do I need to do anything? 

Answer: Yes, if you want to be a Member of PFK we require you to complete a membership form. Even if you believe you have done this previously, please complete the form on our website.

Question:  How does the annual membership fee work, when will I be charged and what amount?
Answer: The annual membership fee to join as a Member of PFK is invoiced in late January each year. To keep things simple our process is as follows:  if membership is applied for after June the membership fee is $10, if before June it is the full amount of $20.

Question: How do I pay my membership fee?
Answer: Once you have completed a membership form online, you simply need to deposit the membership fee into our account (12-3035-0042001-000) with your surname and ‘membership’ as the reference. 

Question: If this is an annual fee, how does the renewal work?
Answer: We will be in contact at the time of renewal with payment information, we deem payment of the annual fee confirmation you wish to continue your membership.

Question: What happens if I want to cancel my membership?
Answer: The membership fee is non-refundable however, if you wish to cancel your membership at any time, you simply need to email us and let us know and we will cancel your membership.



In 2017, Pest Free Kaipātiki stakeholders formed the Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society (Inc), or Pest Free Kaipātiki (PFK) for short. It is an incorporated society with charitable status and receives support from many individuals and businesses in our community. Pest Free Kaipātiki's registered charity number is: # CC55334.

Find out more about Pest Free Kaipātiki and our vision here.

Our Board Members

For information on current Board members, visit Our People.

Our Rules

Pest Free Kaipātiki is governed by our Society Rules. View the current Society Rules here.

Volunteer Code of Conduct
Our volunteers are important to us. We want to ensure the community, the society, volunteers and 

participants all benefit from volunteer activity. As such all volunteers are expected to read and abide by our Volunteer Code of Conduct. View our Volunteer Code of Conduct here.  

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