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Businesses in Kaipātiki can now help to restore and protect our local native taonga. We love working with our community businesses and their employees, whether it is providing sponsorship for PFK's activities or having teams volunteer at our events or volunteer days.

If your Kaipātiki business is keen to assist with any of the environmental efforts listed below, in partnership with PFK, please get in touch.


How Can My Business Connect With and Help?

Keep in Touch

  • Follow us on Facebook

  • Contact us directly to find out how we can work together to benefit both Kaipātiki’s people and natural areas.


Sponsor an Event

PFK events happen all year round in Kaipātiki, including guided walks, kauri protection workshops, native plantings, community engagement days, working bees, etc. By providing people and/or sponsorship, your business’ name can be associated with one or a series of these events. Please get in touch to find out more.


Volunteer in a Local Reserve

Get your workmates together and help us restore the native biodiversity in a local reserve. Local business Naylor Love helped us out recently and was able to assist local volunteers to clear a huge amount of weeds in just two hours. Thank you Naylor Love!

Contribute to Predator Control

Set rat traps and bait stations around your business during quarterly predator pulses every February, April, August and November. Record your findings using Trap.NZ and contribute to a growing map of pest control data. Learn more by attending a predator training course - contact us to find out how.

Maintain Weed Free Areas

Find pest plants on or around your business property using the pest plant guide or find them on the iNaturalist App. Remove all pest plants and maintain your grounds to prevent further infestation. Once you have them identified, report them to us to add to our map of weed locations. We can assist with advice and support, or even by lending tools and equipment for your own local native restoration event.

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