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What are Ecological Halos?

Ecological Halos are communities of people living around areas with significant ecological value, working together as kaitiaki (guardians) to protect and restore the area.

Together, the community can contribute to the preservation of the area in many ways including:

  • Hosting a rat trap or bait station on their property

  • Removing pest plants and weeds from their backyard or local reserve

  • Activating the local community as a street champion

  • Planting native species on their property

  • Volunteering with a local group

As a result of people working together within ecological halos, our native species can flourish now and into the future.


Which Halo are you in?

Kaipātiki is divided into 18 PFK Halo areas. Find out more about specific Halo areas using the links below.

Explore the map to see which Halo you live in.

View larger map (opens a new tab)

Halo FAQs
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