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Our Precious Water


Looking after our streams and waterways

Healthy streams mean healthy harbours, healthy biodiversity and healthier communities. Everyone can have a role in looking after our water quality at home or in reserves. 

‘Streamcare Kaipātiki’ is a joint collaboration between Kaipātiki Project and Pest Free Kaipātiki. Thanks to Healthy Waters and Wai Care (Auckland Council) we are able to support residents and community members of Kaipātiki to learn how to monitor and better protect our water and all the native creatures that call it home. Monitoring streams is easy, fun and an extremely helpful way to volunteer a few times a year. 

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Kaipātiki Local Board Water Quality and Ecology: three year report

This report provides a comprehensive summary of water quality and ecology data generated

from monthly water quality and annual ecology sampling of ten urban stream sites within the Kaipātiki Local Board area.

You can access the full report using the PDF link below.

How Can I Get Involved?

>  Are you a school that wants to teach your tamariki how to care for waterways in Kaipātiki? 

>  Do you walk our reserves and enjoy the sight, sound or smell of our many streams?

>  Do you often see muddy sections of waterways, eroding banks, smell bad odour and want to help prevent pollution?

>  Do you have a stream running through your property and want to help make it a green, lush and healthy place for native fish, tuna (eel) and invertebrates?

Get in touch with us as we aim to provide anyone in our community with an interest in freshwater with:

  • Free freshwater monitoring workshops and training

  • Advice around native planting and protection of the stream bank

  • Access to the testing kit via Wai Care

6 helpful reminders to help keep waterways clean​​​

Wash your car on the grass, not on the road - it goes directly into streams otherwise!
Be a tidy kiwi - place rubbish securely in a bin so it can’t be blown into our waterways.
Use rags to clean up paint or oil spills.
Never pour anything down a storm drain (i.e paint or car fluids). They are for rain only.
Don’t dump grass clippings or vegetation near streams - it leaches into the water.
Report any pollution you see or smell to Auckland Council’s Pollution Hotline 09 377 3107.
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