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First Halo Plan Launched

Thank you to all the volunteers and residents in the Hadfield, Odin and Rangatira Reserve who have helped to developed and launched the first of six halo plans. The halo plans are designed to provide a buffer zone around our important sensitive ecological areas with kauri.

A draft plan was developed by Pest Free Kaipātiki after a series of workshops brainstorming what practical steps could be undertaken to go pest free by 2026.

The draft was presented to Auckland Council, The Kaipātiki Project, Kauri Park School, Pest Free Kaipātiki volunteers and tabled at the Kaipātiki Local Board public meeting on the 20th February 2019.

The draft plan was published on the Pest Free Kaipātiki website and distributed via our e-newsletter and facebook page. 900 flyers were hand delivered by volunteers to households within the halo inviting them to a public meeting at Kauri Park School on 2nd March 2019. The public meeting was well attended, with residents providing further feedback and collecting rat traps, bait and learning about pest plant species and kauri dieback.

The consultation opened on 5th February and closed on the 8th March. As a result of the consultation the following changes were made to the plan: The halo was extended to include all of Birkenhead College, Kia Ora Road, more of Rangatira Reserve, and households south of Taurus Cres and Hadfield Street.

  • Argentine ants were included as a predator species.

  • A specific strategy to manage large pest trees was included.

  • Acknowledgement of the kauri protected area in Rangatira Reserve.

  • Extension to the tree monitoring view shaft in Rangatira Reserve.

  • Reference to the Regional Pest Management Plan.

To read the Hadfield, Odin and Rangatira Reserve Halo Plan click here. To find out if you are in a halo click here.

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