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Trees are grasping for water

You may have noticed that many of the street trees in our area are looking worse for wear as the effects of this hot and dry period take effect. Many of these trees are not on a council watering rotation; therefore, Pest Free Kaipatiki would like to encourage everyone to tend to a local street tree by giving it water.

In this time of drought, we urge everyone to consider watering new trees, street trees on your street and where possible, leave some water out for animals.

Here are some suggestions to avoid excess water use:

  • Install a bucket in the shower to catch grey water as the family showers and use this to water.

  • Rinsing water from any washing or rinsing in the laundry and kitchen can be accumulated in a bigger vessel for watering.

Grey water is still good water for gardening!

The streams in the area have almost stopped running, so any pollutant that goes into the storm-water which all drains to the stream, will not be as well diluted.

Please consider:

  • Leave the car dirty if you are street washing.

  • Use no chemicals if you are water blasting

  • Watch for any house washing chemicals entering as well.

This might help the freshwater invertebrates and fish survive until it rains!

We, and the trees, appreciate your help with keeping the halo trees alive.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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