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Halo happenings

Two Saturday's prior we had a great day engaging with people in the newly launched halo surrounding Fernglen, Muriel Fisher, Kauri Park and Kauri Point Domain. The Fernglen Open Day provided us with a great opportunity to connect with locals. While there were not big numbers at the event and everyone's thoughts were close to being consumed with COVID-19 we had some great, in depth conversations with locals and gave away a lot of traps, bait stations and weed eradication advice.

There was a real appetite for the halo and the goals it is planning to achieve. I am looking forward to getting to know more of the community and spreading our messages to other areas of the halo.

Kauri Glen Halo The plan is to continue the roll out of halos with Kauri Glen being the next to launch, however we had to postpone the first gathering due to COVID-19 but we are now planning a virtual meeting at 7pm on Thursday 9th of April. Please get in touch with if you have an interest in Kauri Glen Reserve or the surrounding area and would like to be involved in this meeting. Everyone is welcome.

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