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Rocking lockdown

Pest Free Kaipātiki and RocksNZ are partnering up to promote the celebration of kauri and an awareness of kauri dieback disease. We are hosting a rock painting competition with a focus on kauri. Rock painting and then hiding them in parks and reserves, for others to find is a very popular activity, especially with families and children. We want to make sure that all of those participating in this activity are aware of the correct procedures to avoid transmission of kauri dieback disease.

Get your paint brushes or paint pens out. Use rocks from your garden or when on a walk in your area and get creative!!! Make sure rocks are properly sanitised before painting. You can use any paint you have at home (acrylic is fine). The rocks will need to be sealed to protect the paint before hiding but this can be done after lockdown if you haven't got any sealer at home.

Rocks must include #lovekauri #RocksNZ on the back.

Post lockdown PFK will host an event at a reserve for hiding and finding the painted rocks and to educate families about kauri dieback and all PFK other activities. Go to the PFK website for more details or join up with RocksNZ to take part in this popular activity. Please share this activity with friends and family.

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