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VIP Applications - supporting you to do great things.

Do you have a weeding task you simply can't tackle because it’s too steep, dangerous, or the pest plant infestation is too big? Do you want to solve that issue for you and your neighbours, or within your reserve as a volunteer for good? One of Pest Free Kaipatiki’s objectives is to reduce pest plant populations across our entire landscape, and thus we are looking at enabling and supporting people at home and in reserves to contribute to a healthier future for our native biodiversity. Thanks to the Auckland Council’s RENH grant, we are able to send expert contractor assistance to help you get over that pest plant barrier. Send us your ideas as we have the funds to put towards weed contractor control projects ranging from $500 to $4000. All projects considered, with those that integrate with other voluntary works or across multiple properties and that promote a long term, sustainable benefit to the environment considered highly.

Read more here, if required give us a call or email if you have questions, and then fill out our form here.

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