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Submit to oppose the Fast-track Approvals Bill

Updated: 1 day ago

Pest Free Kaipātiki is extremely concerned about the environmental impact of the Fast-track Approvals Bill, which has passed its first reading in Parliament already. 

Our friends at the Environmental Defence Society (EDS) have this to say about the Bill:

"The process entirely excludes the public and environmental advocates. This means that the public will not be given an opportunity to comment on life-changing developments occurring in their communities. "

Forest & Bird have called this Bill "an outright assault on the environment"

The EDS also said:

"Quite astonishingly, the Minister for the Environment is completely excluded. ... It neuters almost all environmental protections in our legal toolkit. It is nothing like previous fast track consenting processes. And because it will largely cut out public involvement, the Select Committee process is the only opportunity people will get to have a say."

We are imploring everyone who cares about our natural environment, to make a submission. 

How to make a submission to help our natural environment

To have the greatest impact, make your own submission at Parliament's own website:

The deadline for submissions Friday 19 April 2024

Need some help with what to say?

We have some text you can use in your submission to help you get started or to adapt into your own words.

EDS have also released a recording of their online Webinar on how to make a submission plus they have released their draft submission and a template submission that you can use to write your own. 

The submissions which have the greatest impact, are from individuals in their own words.

Some suggestions to help you get started

I oppose the Fast-track Approvals Bill (the Bill),  

  • The Bill undermines environmental protections and is a step back from the progress made over the past four decades. Our natural environment is under significant stress and this bill will make this worse. 


  • The Bill makes no reference to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  


  • the Bill is significantly inferior to the Resource Management Act 1991, which was evidence-based and cross-party legislation. I believe the Bill fails to address the deficiencies of the RMA or provide evidence-based solutions.  


  • The Bill is not a fast-track legal framework. Instead, it is designed to circumvent environmental protections.   


  • What is required is a strengthening of environmental protections, not a serious undermining of them. The Bill allows a select few to circumvent these protections to satisfy narrow economic interests regardless of the environmental damage this causes.  

More examples below

At the end of this blog you can find two examples of submissions from PFK and from Jo Knight, longtime volunteer. Feel free to use these to create your own submissions.

Want to submit quickly

If you are really short of time, but want to have your say, you can make a submission using Forest & Bird's online form.

After submitting, you can also contact your local MP

If you would like to contact your local MP about this issue after you've submitted, you can find them on the Parliament's website at Members of Parliament - New Zealand Parliament (

Local MP for Northcote can be contacted at

Local MP for Upper Harbour can be contacted at

Example submissions from Pest Free Kaipātiki

PFK Submission Fast-Track Bill
Download PDF • 116KB

Download PDF • 206KB

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