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Kauri Dieback Update

This week PFK have facilitated meetings with Auckland Council's Biosecurity team, reserve representatives and representatives from other user groups to discuss kauri dieback mitigation measures, track development and outcome for our reserves.

Network members were able to input their local knowledge to the Council scoping documents and discuss the relative merits of various recommendations. Evident at the meeting was the delicate balance between containing kauri dieback disease in the already infected area and ensuring people have places to enjoy and connect with their local outdoor environment.

While the latest results of the Auckland Council assessment of Kaipātiki kauri trees report that we still have only the two confirmed infected trees (in Kauri Park and Muriel Fisher), nearby kauri are not looking healthy. This is unfortunate but not unexpected since the pathogen travels through the surrounding soil.

On a more positive note we are delighted that newly upgraded paths are to be opened soon in Le Roys and Kauri Glen. PFK would like to thank readers for respecting the track closures and helping to share the key messages about kauri protection. Our kauri are special and warrant our best efforts if they are to be saved.

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