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Visit to St Mary's School

Earlier this month, we had a blast with students of St Mary’s School.

Thanks to the teachers and Caretaker Norman for the opportunity to visit and talk to the children about native biodiversity and pest animal monitoring.

Fiona was particularly impressed with the students knowledge of our toanga or wildlife treasures: "What was new to many of the students, was the degree of threat animal predators pose to our native biodiversity. Of course there was some shock but gradual understanding to learn that hedgehogs are a mass consumer of native flora and fauna, and rodents are such a big problem. Children always astound me as to how on the side of our native wildlife and birds they are. The stories of how the kiwi lost it’s wings, the kereru and the kōwhai and other wonderful wildlife wonders are well shared in our schools I think. I’m pleased to see such a kind and enthusiastic community of young people wanting to look after our wildlife."

The children had a quick lesson in chew card bite mark identification, and then got stuck into planning a monitoring line for the school grounds (to which we hear there are good results so far – perhaps due to the schools pre-existing trapping!). Towards the end, they made up chew card packs to take home to the family and place out in backyards within the Kaipātiki Local Board area. Can’t wait to hear a report back from the students on how this all went.

Kia Kaha everyone!

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