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Weedy helpers needed for Stancich initiative

Recently some interest has come from a couple of community members wanting to give a bit of love and attention to Stancich Reserve in Hillcrest.

Stancich reserve has a wonderful stand of native kahikatea trees and some nice old puriri that provide a great food source (and homes) for native birds and wildlife.

The bad news is the understory is almost all tradescantia and arum lily – invasive weeds that prevent the forest from regenerating and providing the next generation.

Thankfully these weeds are actually quite easy to deal with – especially if you have a few willing hands! The reserve is nice and flat, very family friendly and would suit all ability levels.

Pest Free Kaipātiki have tools and resources for volunteers to borrow, such as bags for decomposing the regenerative parts of pest plants. We can also offer help and support for anyone wanting to start up pest plant control efforts in the area.

Please email us your interest if you are keen to get involved in any capacity – big or small, and we will see what the spring weather might bring.

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