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$9 million to improve tracks in Kaipatiki

If you've been following local conservation news lately you would have probably heard that $9 million is to be spent on track upgrades, cleaning stations and track changes within Kaipatiki.

This is a huge result!

The projects and funding from the Kaipatiki Local Board & Auckland Council would not have been possible without you, our amazing volunteers, working and loving our reserves across Kaipatiki.

Thank you to the Kaipatiki Reserve Group Network who submitted their pages and page, it was more like a novel, of feedback to Council on which tracks should be focused on for improvement.

The submissions were very impressive and allowed Council Staff and the Kaipatiki Local Board to make an informed decision about track improvements.

The following Resolution number KT/2019/174 was passed for Physical Works:

Birkenhead War Memorial $598,153

Chatswood Reserve $3,346,450

Chelsea Heritage Reserve $91,000

Eskdale Reserve Network $1,563,167

Fernglen Reserve $225,000

Hadfield Street Reserve $34,583

Kauri Glen Reserve & Cecil Eady Reserve $1,874,693

Kauri Park $13,833

Le Roy's Bush Reserve $960,172

Lynn/Leigh Scenic Reserve $TBC

Muriel Fisher Reserve $6,917

Odin Place Reserve $6,917

Rangatira Reserve $403,380

Soldiers Bay Accessway $359,667

These projects will help to further protect our beautiful kauri with cleaning stations and track changes.

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