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The team at Pest Free Kaipaitki have come up with a great Christmas gift idea for you that supports nesting and food source for birds.

Give the gift of a BIG native tree this Christmas!

Christmas Gift Certificate

By purchasing a tree you will be given a certificate to give to your friends and family for Christmas that includes the date they can plant the tree in a local reserve during Matariki (Maori New Year) which is the planting season in the winter of 2020.

Included in the cost of your gifted tree is the transport and watering for four months over summer.

The gift certificate will be emailed to you in PDF for you to have in time for Christmas Day.

Native Tree Source

Pest Free Kaipaitki are delighted to be partnered with Takana BIG native trees, an approved Auckland Council tree supplier, who grow some 80 species adding to New Zealand's rich biodiversity.

Pest Free Kaipatiki's ecological adviser will be selecting a variety of trees to ensure there is excellent nesting, variety of seasonal food source for birds and range of biodiversity for our native bush.

Tree Sizes & Prices

The team at Takana can provide us with a variety of small to significant sized trees based on the size of the root mass.

There is a price and size to match everyone's Christmas wish list:

$15 - SMALL TREE 5L - unlimited trees

$74 - MEDIUM TREE 25L - limited to 200 trees

$143 - LARGE TREE 45L - limited to 25 trees

$302 - LARGE TREE 80L - limited to 20 trees

$594 - SIGNIFICANT TREE 160L - limited to 20 trees

$1,768 - SIGNIFICANT TREE 300L - limited to 5 trees

$3,386 - SIGNIFICANT TREE 4m tall - limited to 1 tree


Please complete the online form, we will send you details for bank payment and arrange for the gift certificate to be emailed out to you.

This will also include the tree planting dates in local reserves all across our community in Kaipatiki.

Place your order

Complete our online order form CLICK HERE

Terms & Conditions

If for any reason the root ball size is not available we will do our best to provide you with an alternative planting gift up to the same value. The gifting of trees will continue all throughout the start of January and February 2020 in time for the Matariki planting season.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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