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Kauri Glen Reserve Update

Kauri Glen Reserve, as the name suggests is home to many magnificent kauri and is an amazing ecological asset in Kaipatiki. While the reserve group volunteers have worked tirelessly to maintain this area, it is well past the time that this special area gets the love and attention it deserves. So, it is great to be able to say that we have had our first meeting to establish a halo in the area surrounding Kauri Glen. Due to Covid-19 this was a virtual meeting and while we had small numbers, we had some great discussion as to how a halo could work in this area and some fabulous visions for the future. We would love to get more input into this halo so get in touch with Annie if you would like to be involved.

The other point of significance for this area is that council work to upgrade the tracks to kauri hygiene status was about to begin when level 4 lockdown prevented this from going ahead.

Before lockdown council staff had done a preliminary walkover with the contractor and subcontractor and some PFK volunteers. Some minor changes to the original stage 2 plan were made after this walkover. Attached is the location plan and what is to occur during Stage 2.

A prestart will be completed after lockdown with the contractors and sub contractors then a consultant will do a mark up with the contractors as to the work that needs to be done. That will then determine when they will start this work. Council is currently working with contractors in regards to restarting projects from the Covid-19 lockdown process and giving time for them to get supplies and gear ready but also making sure they meet the Covid-19 guidelines through level 3 to level 1.

Council have also planned some track closures during the winter months until the track is fully upgraded to Kauri dry track standards. They have a plan to communicate with locals, schools and volunteers. This has not been started at this stage. The affected areas are Raymond Terrace, Tui Glen Road track entrance and Kauri Glen Road. The lines in purple on the map indicate these planned closures.

It will be great to see one of the jewels in the crown of the Kaipatiki Reserves be able to truly shine and to know the kauri trees are being protected.

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