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Kauri Dieback Certification Training - June 2020

We are offering free training on how to look after kauri trees while conducting pest control or restoration work. If you want to continue working safely in areas of kauri - this is the workshop for you.

You will come out of the training with the knowledge, equipment and certification to enable you to protect our treasured kauri forests.

Saturday 27 June 13:00 - 15:00 Fernglen Gardens, 36 Kauri Road.

For enquiries or to register, please RSVP here. As this course is limited, get in quick. Also check our Facebook page for updates here.

Who is this for?

The certification programme consists of strict kauri hygiene operating procedure training for volunteers and other stakeholders who want to re-enter closed or partly closed reserves/tracks where kauri are present to continue predator control programmes or weeding activities. Where spaces allow, this training will also be offered to Kaipātiki residents who have kauri on their land that are at high risk of dieback and other representatives from local boards or organisations outside Kaipātiki.


Training will consist of a 1.5 - 2 hour programme, detailing the science behind dieback and its spread, plus both theoretical and practical elements. This training is based on the Standard Operating Procedure for working in kauri forests established by Ark in the Park in conjunction with Auckland Council and the Te Kawerau ā Maki iwi in the Waitakere Ranges. Training will include some simple assessment and successful participants will be issued with personal hygiene equipment and a certification/compliance card. Participants will be certified to re-enter reserves and conduct volunteer work, modified as necessary to the new standard operating procedure. Only those who are certified will be able to re-enter closed reserves or tracks. If appropriate, ​people will leave with the skills to complete the management plan for a reserve and follow-up will help support course participants to finish the management plan to enable them to submit it for sign off.

Thank you to our sponsors Auckland Council and Kaipātiki Local Board, who’s funding has made this training possible.

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