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Calling Volunteers! Annual Chew Card Survey

Our Annual Chew Card Survey begins this month! The volunteer window for participating is between 26 July and 5 August 2024 and we need your help. 

To learn more, read our information sheet and sign up here. We’ll be in touch before 20 July.

The survey is now in its eighth year! See past survey results here.

The chew card campaign is a fun, easy way to get involved with citizen science and helps us learn about pest mammals around Kaipātiki.⁠ 

Chew cards are a helpful way to identify the presence of rats, stoats, possums and hedgehogs in our parks. The bite marks on the cards allow us to determine what animal has chewed the card so we can better protect our environment from these introduced pests.  

Join us and volunteer a short amount of time to lay out and collect chew cards. Some lines are easy and great for families, and others are more tricky – great for experienced trampers and people attuned to the wild 😊.

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